Industria Automobilistica - 2010-07-21

Column-Type Electric Power Steering (EPAS) System

NSK Develops the World’s First Mechatronics Column-Type Electric Power Steering (EPAS) System


NSK has developed the world’s shortest, lightweight, compact, high-output, column-type electric power steering (EPAS) system, which unites mechatronics mechanisms, such as the ECU1 of a EPAS system to a brush motor2.


1. The world shortest column-type EPAS
By the reduction of heat generation of the ECU and the design enhancing heat radiation performance based on heat transfer analysis; the torque sensor circuit was integrated into the ECU control substrate. It is lightweight and compact and it also became possible to mount on the type of vehicle with an overall length that is extremely short.

2. Coping with both lightweight and high output requirements, and contributing to saving fuel
By integrating the motor, ECU, and torque sensor, weight was reduced by 12% in comparison to conventional types, and the energy efficiency was improved by 6% additionally. By saving weight and improving energy efficiency, it contributes to saving fuel. In addition, the use of a high-output brush motor increased the ratio of output to weight by approximately 60% in comparison to conventional types, and it copes with requirements for both light weight and compactness, and high output.

3. Improvement of steering performance
Although it is lightweight and compact, it is possible to respond to advanced control functions, which satisfy the market requirements in Europe.

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