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Industria Automobilistica - 2013-11-21

Tokyo Motor Show

NSK Ltd. exhibits at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show to be held from Saturday, November 23 to Sunday, December 1, 2013 at Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-ku, Tokyo). 

NSK will showcase its technologies and products that contribute to vehicle safety and environmental performance.

Exhibit Concept
Since its foundation in 1916 as Japan's first bearing manufacturer, NSK has continued its never-ending pursuit to contribute to the world of automobiles by improving environmental performance and vehicle safety. In this spirit, NSK has chosen "NO END: Ever Closer to Zero - Reducing Friction, Emissions, and Accidents Through Technology" as its exhibition theme this year.
Main Exhibits for Safety

NSK Advanced Assist Steering (first public display)
This exhibit showcases NSK's Advanced Assist Steering — a system that links the electric power steering (EPS) and the wheel hub motor* to support precision steering. Visitors to NSK's booth will be able to experience emergency avoidance and auto steering with a simulator using an actual steering wheel.

Obstacle Avoidance Guide Robots
This exhibit displays a guidance system that integrates advanced sensing technology with drive technology. This technology holds the potential to enable autonomous driving and improved safety and comfort for automobiles in the future. Visitors to NSK's booth will be able to view a demonstration of the robot in action.

Main Exhibits for Environmental Performance

FF Car Front Module Mockup Model
This exhibit uses CG animation to provide an easy-to-understand explanation of high-performance cartridge bearings for automotive turbochargers (first public display), high-reliability clutch pulley units for alternators and half-toroidal CVTs as representative NSK products and technologies for the engine room, engines and transmissions, which the general public doesn't often get a chance to see.

Other Environmental Exhibits
In addition, NSK's booth will feature a wide range of products related to improving the fuel efficiency of automobiles, including the following:

High-reliability, Low-torque Ball Bearing for B-CVT
EQTF: Ultra-long-life Ball Bearings
Low-torque Ball Bearings for HEVs
Ultra High-Speed Ball Bearings for Motors
Grease-lubricated Ball Bearings for High-speed Motors for Next-generation EVs and HEVs
Tandem one-way clutch
Cut model of a torque sensor
Hub unit bearing
WQTF™: Tapered Roller Bearings


* Wheel hub motor: A system in which the drive motor is housed inside the hub of the wheel.


 Dates  Nov. 22 (Fri.) – Dec. 1 (Sun.), 2013
 Venue  Tokyo Big Sight
 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo
 NSK Booth location  East Hall 5 No. E5201
 Event URL  http://www.tokyo-motorshow.com/en/

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