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Società - 2008-07-08

CSR Report 2008 - Cover

NSK supports people with disabilities

NSK Friendly Service is a new wholly, owned subsidiary of NSK Ltd. created to provide employment for people with disabilities. NSK Ltd. announced today that NSK Friendly Service has received official certification as a special subsidiary under Japan’s Employment Promotion Act for People with Disabilities.

Incorporated March 26, 2008 as part of a broader CSR initiative by Japan’s largest ball-bearing maker, NSK Friendly Service is headquartered at group head office in Tokyo. Takashi Ishida is the new firm’s President and CEO.

On May 6 the first seven Friendly Service staff began providing support services at NSK’s Fujisawa Technology Center in Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo. Initial duties include cleaning, recycling and landscape maintenance plus clerical support such as folding brochures and stuffing envelopes.

“This is a positive initiative both for our new employees and the NSK Group,” Mr. Ishida said. “Our Friendly Service team members deserve a chance to prove their abilities. And with a shrinking labor force in Japan the company needs greater diversity in hiring.”

NSK Friendly Service key facts:

Work Site 1-5-50 Kugenuma-shinmei, Fujisawa, Kanagawa Pref.
President and Ceo Takashi Ishida 
Founded March 26, 2008 
Start of Operations May 6, 2008 
Special Subsidiary Certification May 22, 2008 
Employees 7 (as of July 2008)
Duties Performed - Duties commissioned by NSK
- Cleaning, packaging, pickup and delivery duties
- Printing, copying and bookbinding duties
- Checking and storing measurement devices
- Checking and storing documents 

What is a “Special Subsidiary”
Companies that establish a subsidiary that gives special consideration to people with disabilities and fulfils certain conditions may count these workers as employees of the parent company. This allows parent companies to raise their employment rate of people with disabilities and promotes the hiring of disabled employees across the Group.

NSK and NSK Friendly Service aim to provide a work environment where employees can make full use of their abilities, in line with the NSK Corporate Philosophy: “To provide challenges and opportunities for all employees, channelling their skills and fostering their creativity and individuality”.

The NSK Group is committed to increasing its overall employment of people with disabilities, and intends to actively promote employment opportunities at each of its Group companies.

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