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Società - 2012-04-27

NSK Exhibiting at Auto China 2012 in Beijing

Exhibit Includes Numerous Products that Contribute to Increased Automotive Efficiency 

NSK Ltd. is currently exhibiting at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2012: April 23 – May 2) at the China International Exhibition Center (a new venue). Held once every two years, Auto China is one of the world's largest automotive trade shows and is attended by over a million visitors, as well as scores of automakers and parts manufacturers from around the globe.

Highlighting “NSK solutions for improving the environment and safety,” NSK is presenting numerous products and technologies that contribute to greater automotive efficiency and reliability through cutting-edge technologies that are compact/lightweight, have long service-life, low torque, and are tightly sealed.

Principal Exhibits

Hub Unit Bearings

Hub unit bearings support the tires and enable a safe, comfortable driving experience. NSK’s hub unit bearings contribute to the automotive environment and safety in numerous ways, including: (1) the application of sensor technology to improve safety; (2) the use of tight seals that prevent penetration by dirt and water to ensure high reliability and durability; and (3) the creation of more compact and lightweight designs with less friction loss to improve fuel economy.

  •  Low friction hub unit bearing
  •  Multi-sensing hub unit bearing
Electric Power Steering (EPS) Systems

Switching from a hydraulic to an electric steering system reduces power loss and allows clean, fuel-efficient performance. By realising more precise control of the steering system using an electric motor, EPS systems make driving safer and more comfortable. NSK’s EPS systems, in particular, provide greater safety and efficiency with less weight and noise.

  • Column EPS
  • Moving EPS model exhibit
Bearings for electric components

Bearings for electric components are used under the high temperatures and vibrating conditions around the engine. NSK’s bearings for electric components contribute to improved environmental performance through more compact and lightweight designs with reduced friction loss on top of providing safety through greater durability and reliability.

  • Alternator bearing
  • Compressor bearing
Drivetrain bearings

NSK’s drivetrain bearings are compatible with all kinds of drivetrains, including manual transmission (MT), automatic transmission (AT), continuously variable transmission (CVT), and dual-clutch transmission (DCT), as well as hybrid vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV). They improve reliability and contribute to greater fuel economy through more compact and lightweight designs with reduced friction loss.

  • Cutaway transmission model for AT using numerous NSK bearings
  • Cutaway transmission model for HEV incorporating bearings exclusively for HEVs
EV-related exhibits

This year’s exhibit includes the following concept models, which demonstrate ways of increasing EV performance by incorporating many NSK products:

EV drive system:

  • Concept model showing how to extend the cruising range of EVs by incorporating compact/lightweight, highly efficient NSK product lines into the drive parts of EVs.

Wheel hub motor:

  • Concept model demonstrating how to increase the efficiency of EVs by driving the tires directly through NSK’s compact, reliability-ensured technologies and products by putting a motor and other components inside the wheel hub.

NSK is a comprehensive automotive parts manufacturer, the world's No. 1 supplier of automotive bearings and a well-known producer of world-class EPS systems. The company's products offer unparalleled cost performance and quality to automakers in China and around the world. NSK’s business in China, which originated over 40 years ago with the licensing of technology to state-run companies, involves the production, development, and marketing of quality, highly functional automotive bearings and steering products.

Leveraging its industry-leading technologies, NSK continues to lead the way in friction control and minimising energy loss. NSK is proud of the key role it plays in the auto industry by contributing to a safer, more comfortable, environmentally friendly future.

 Exhibition dates  April 23 (Mon.) – May 2 (Wed.)
 Press days  April 23 (Mon.) – April 24 (Tue.)
 Event website  http://www.china-autoshow.com/2010bjx/En/
 NSK booth location  W2-W03
 NSK website

 Japan: http://www.nsk.com/
 China: http://www.cn.nsk.com/

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