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Società - 2011-11-25

NSK Exhibits at 42nd Tokyo Motor Show

NSK Exhibits at 42nd Tokyo Motor Show-Creating A Road to the Future through Innovation. Now And Always 

NSK Contributes to the Future of Auto mobility and to the Global Environment through Four Technological Advantages: Compact/Lightweight, Low Friction Loss, Ultra High Speed Rotation and Development of Mechatronic Products

NSK will exhibit at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show to be held from Wednesday, November 30 to Sunday, December 11 2011.

In recent years, environmental awareness has increased in both developed and emerging economies. Population increases and motorisation have led to the need for higher fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions for automobiles. This has resulted in a variety of technical challenges. In response to the need for improved fuel economy, the focus has been on electrification, as represented by the advent of hybrid cars. As such, the prospect for the early realisation of a futuristic world of electric vehicles does not seem so far away. For the time being, however, internal combustion engines are still in the majority. This being the case, the need for improved efficiency is driving the development for Eco technologies for internal combustion engine applications.

As the largest bearing manufacturer in Japan and the third largest in the world, NSK has gained expertise in four core technologies “Tribology”, “Material Engineering”, “Analysis Technology” and “Mechatronics” over the many years that it has developed and manufactured environmentally friendly bearing products. Using this expertise, NSK has contributed to environmental conservation, as well as reliability, safety and comfort for the future of automobiles through low torque, compact/lightweight and low friction automotive product technologies. NSK continues to leverage these four core technologies to provide a wide range of automobile Eco technologies in order to contribute to achieving a world of zero-emissions in the future.

Exhibit concept
At this year's Tokyo Motor Show, NSK will showcase its contribution and approach to the environment based on the theme - Creating a Road to the Future through Innovation. Now and Always. NSK will show how it has applied its four automotive technological advantages of compact/lightweight, low friction loss, ultra high speed rotation and development of mechatronic products to the future of auto mobility. NSK is contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the improvement of fuel economy for current and near future automobile applications. Also, for the automotive world of the future, NSK will help to realise a world of electric mobility by providing solutions for all challenges, from the generation of electricity to running on electricity.

NSK is a system integrator capable of component and full system design of critical automotive elements such as powertrain and steering, and will continue to cover a wide range of technologies going forward. At this year's booth, NSK will exhibit a wide range of Eco technologies that are possible due to NSK's deep understanding of all varieties of automobile structures. For Near Future Technologies, NSK will exhibit powertrain products designed to increase the fuel economy of engine related parts, products that achieve high efficiency in drivetrain applications, and chassis products designed to increase fuel economy, such as steering and hub unit bearings. For Future Technologies, NSK will introduce innovative technologies that will contribute to the realisation of a world of electric mobility. 

Display of NSK products used in electric vehicle front modules

  • Ultra High Speed Large Diameter Ball Bearings for Motors 
  • Traction Drive Reduction Gear
  • Electric Shift Actuator
  • Low Torque Plastic Cage Tapered Bearing
  • Ultra Light-Weight Rack and Pinion

Additionally, there are many system concepts that push the electric vehicle innovation envelope even further by incorporating a drive motor in the wheel hub unit as the ultimate power generation application. To achieve such concepts, wheel hub motors are becoming lighter and more compact. It is also critical that launch torque and high speed performance are maintained. NSK has products for this area, such as a planetary gear embedded hub unit, a miniature cage and roller bearing for the planetary gear, and an anti-corrosion insulated bearing for use in areas near the electric motor. At the Tokyo Motor Show, NSK will utilise prototypes and unit configurations to display the following NSK products, which support the wheel hub motor concept.

Display of NSK products used in wheel hub motors:

  • Hub Bearing Unit with Built-in Reduction Gear
  • Miniature Cage and Roller Bearing
  • Anti-corrosion Insulated Bearing

Outline of the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show

Press Days: Nov. 30 (Wed.) and Dec. 1 (Thu.) Special Guest Day: Dec. 2 (Fri.)
General Public Days: Dec. 3 (Sat.) -Dec. 11 (Sun.)

Tokyo Big Sight 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Booth No.
West Hall 1 No. W 1502

Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)

URL   http://www.tokyo-motorshow.com/en/ Future Zone: Fuel Economy Improvement

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